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Neurontin 400 mg in San Luis Obispo

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My husband and I have been dealing with our daughter's chronic ankle pain for 2 years now and I'm ready for a diagnosis already. As a parent, it is extremely frustrating to have doctor's tell you that your child's pain is a not real b just a sprain or c "let's do some PT and see what happens.

She cried when we told her everything came back normal.

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The only finding so far is that she has an accessory navicular bone in the ankle that causes her pain.

Wow- once I started looking up information about this little bone, I was floored. The only issue is that I can't seem to find any information about children with this problem.

In the meantime, I'd love to be able to figure out some way to help her.

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Dr Blake's comment: Pain from an accessory navicular bone normally presents in children around 13-14 at the earliest.

The accessory navicular bone is on the arch side big toe side of the foot where the powerful posterior tibial tendon attaches, it is the main tendon in supporting the arch of the foot.

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  • Very important! We know that the accessory navicular bone can cause direct pain where it attaches to the normal navicular bone, or cause tendon pain since the extra bone disrupts the normal attachment, weakening the tendon, causing the tendon to strain easier.

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    This is usually an easy diagnosis when the patient points to the accessory navicular and says it hurts right here! You got to make it easy for us patients! However, the pain that your daughter presents with is on the opposite side of the foot and ankle outside or lateral side.

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    Golden Rule of Drug: When the pain can be from concomitant pronation, fix that first and quick if the pain is diminished.

    This presentation, along with negative X-rays and MRI, leads me to suspect a mechanical cause of her pain like over pronation perhaps indirectly caused by the accessory navicular bone. This was sent on my request and X-rays and MRI are on the way.

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    The common diagnoses for the age group is lateral ankle impingement pain, peroneal tendonitis, calcaneal apophysitis, sinus tarsitis, and calcaneocuboid joint sprain.

    About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with a "tibial growth plate fracture" suspected since it was never visible on x-ray, and put in a cast for 3 weeks.

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  • At that time, pain was located on the medial ankle and in her heel. Following immobilzation, she was fine for exactly 1 year.

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