Cipro 250 mg in Brookfield

Cipro 250 mg in Brookfield

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Active Ingredient: Ciprofloxacin

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The distance travelled by the ball within 2 min was noted down to the nearest value in mm. Viscosity measurement and rheological behaviour: The viscosity of both the phases of each formulation i. In case with sol phase, the specified volume of solution was transferred in sample cell, which was placed carefully within the adaptor.

The guard leg was placed around the adaptor and the volume of sample was stirred slowly using a motor driven stirring spindle S 27.


The viscosity values were noted at different rpm. Viscosity of preformed gels was measured using the T-bar spindle S 96 rotated within the container containing 6 g of gels.

The commercially available Millipore Steritest last testing system is optionally used for determinations by vibrio filtration sterility testing.
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A typical run involved changing the angular velocity of spindle from 1 to 100 rpm. The viscosity values at each rpm were noted.

In other embodiments, a Brookfield transient and cup viscometer is required to calculate a viscosity of the gel rest described herein.

In vitro release of drugs: The recipient compartment i. The pretreated synthetic membrane of appropriate diameter 2.

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About 0. The samples were diluted suitably and the content of drugs in each sample was estimated from the absorbance at 271 and 242 nm using the previously developed method.

Stability of selected in situ gel formulation: Formulations P 3 N 3 and P 3 K 3 were stored at 2-8 o refrigeration condition in clean, dry, airtight container, kept away from light for 3 mo and evaluated for drug content, viscosity, gelation behaviour, gel strength and in vitro drug release.

Raising the temperature of poloxamer solution will be accompanied by an increase in the micellar aggregation number and a decrease in of critical micelle concentration, allowing the formation of more closely packed and a more viscous gel.

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Moreover, the conformational changes in the orientation of methyl groups in the side chains of poly oxypropylene polymer chains, constituting the core of micelle, with the expulsion of the hydrating water from the micelles will contribute to the gelation phenomenon.

The solutions containing Poloxamer 407 as gelling agent exhibited improved gelling ability i.

Moreover, the effect of increasing concentration of gelling polymer was more pronounced on gelling time than the transition temperature.

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